19th National conference on Pulmonary Diseases (NAPCON 2017)

Fight against Chronic Respiratory Diseases (CRD) We are proud to inform you that Association of Chest Physicians, West Bengal, in association with Indian Chest Society and National College of Chest Physicians(India), is hosting the 19th National conference on Pulmonary Diseases (NAPCON 2017) from 16th to 19th November, 2017 at SCIENCE CITY, Kolkata. ■,Aile believe this is a momentous occasion, because Respiratory disease has come to fore as the most important cause of morbidity and mortality in the world.

The problem is even more profound in developing countries like India where the risk of lung injury is not just from smoking (which is no less a risk here) but also from Biomass exposure and Indoor and Outdoor air Pollution which are problems unique to our country. This adds to the already existing burden of infectious and communicable diseases like pneumonia, tuberculosis and viral respiratory infections. We start this Conference in the solemn background of the Pollution Emergency in our capital Delhi declared by Indian Medical Association. Many patients have flooded the hospitals suffering from an exacerbation of their airways disease. This problem is however not unique to Delhi but is omnipresent throughout the country
Everybody is worried about respiratory health. The global alliance against Respiratory diseases (GAARD), a WHO wing established in 2008, vows to fight against CRDs at all countries through study of epidemiology, diagnosis and management. Govt. Of INDIA has declared war against chronic respiratory diseases through a structured program on non-communicable diseases. Fifteen to twenty percent of our total population is suffering from allergy related ailments or asthma at any point of time. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) commonly known as chronic bronchitis is a silent killer going unnoticed. Smoking is the primary etiologic factor for COPD aided by air pollution and occupational hazards. A startling survey in India showed close to 13 million Indians suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) way back in 2004. COPD also features amongst the top five causes of death worldwide and the only one showing an upward trend. Statistics show that 66 percent of all world smokers live in just 15 countries, India ranking second after China (World Lung Foundation). 18-19% of all Indians smoke while 5% of adult male smokers and 2.5% of adult female smokers suffer from COPD. Largest cause of deaths occurring in India due to smoke is COPD and not heart disease, stroke or cancer as perceived. The numbers of people killed in COPD are more than diabetes, heart disease and stroke combined in India. NAPCON, though National by name, is actually an International conference on respiratory diseases and preventive health. This time the conference would be held in Kolkata (Science city) 16th to 19” Nov 2017. Doctors, researchers and healthcare workers from all over the Globe would come together to take stock of the current situation and chart the m. ap for future activity. NAPCON Kolkata will be attended by nearly 3500 participants across India and abroad.
Please join us in the revolution.

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