60 E 60 ft Durga Puja Idol at Agartala

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Goddess Durga Coming This Year To Agartala, Tripura Like A Santhal . Theme : Santhal Revolution / Tallest Idol of 60 ft Height Kolkata, 9 August, 2017 :Netaji Play Forum of Agartala, Tripura is organizing their 60th Durga Puja in a novel way. They will get their deity to be inaugurated by a very common person of Santhal Community instead of engaging any celebrity or any other VIP. Their main objective is to commemorate the “Santhal Revolution” against the then British rulers in 1855.
It may be recalled that two great Santhal heroes, Sidhu and Kanu devoted their lives fighting against British. Thus Netaji Play Forum of Agartala, Tripura takes a step towards the empowerment of the backward Community by bringing them in the lime- light in our Society . Needless to mention that Santhals are not only forming a great power in our country, but also they have tremendous contributions towards enriching our folk Culture & heritage. Organizers believe that the Santhal force in India represents the true strength of Goddess Durga. They will also organize an exhibition on Santhals in their ‘Puja’. Moreover, Netaji Play Forum of Agartala, Tripura is also having another mention worthy point in their Durga Puja this year. They will worship the tallest idol of Goddess Durga of 60 feet height in their 60 years of Celebration. Shri Anup Bose, President , Shri Debasish Saha, Secretary , Shri Bishwajit Sutradhar, Corporate Communicator and Shri Asim Debroy (Theme Implementation) of Netaji Play Forum spoke in the Media Conference held in Kolkata on Wednesday, 9 August, 2017

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