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A Lunch rendezvous of special young adults with eminent personalities from all walks of life of the city highlighted that WE ARE SIMILAR…. not different

 A unique ‘Lunch Date’ curated by Kolkata-based non-profit organization UNMISH in the upscale restaurant Guchhi at the Hyatt Regency Kolkata was indeed a runaway success and something very close to our hearts! Through this endeavor, UNMISH reaffirmed its ethos of working closely with special children and their families for a child’s overall development -a step towards an inclusive society.

Titled POORNAM 19 – ‘The Blind Date’, the event encompassed a social interaction over a sit-down lunch wherein each of the guests joined a special YOUNG ADULT for a memorable dining experience. The guest-list included eminent personalities from different walks of life who were specially invited for this very special occasion to encourage social interaction.

In an interesting format, each of the dinner tables became a station for a distinctive rendezvous with a simple yet engaging game of ‘20 Questions’. Every time the guest and the child came up with the same answers, the table scored a point. This is how the social interaction started between two very different people and it was a heartwarming experience for both the special children and the guests.

Needless to say, the young adults, looking dapper in their formal clothes, exhibiting impeccable dinner etiquette and ever-ready to interact with the guests, thoroughly enjoyed this event specially created for them.

Adding another special touch to the afternoon, the lunch menu was selected by the children from the items they love to eat! Even the tablemats used had drawings made by them. Around 70 volunteers from top schools in the city were also invited to assist the smooth operation of this event.

Speaking about this memorable event, Nita Diwan, the founder of UNMISH, said: “Our concept revolved around the dream we have for our young adults. We believe that our special children can carry out effortlessly all the activities that others of their age do. Through this social interaction, we wanted them to experience the joys of holistic living that come with activities like dating namely dressing up, interacting with a fresh face and eating independently. After all, we are special….but not less


UNMISH conceptualized by Nita Diwan embarked on its journey in 2009. A non-profit organization registered under The Society Act, strives for an ‘Inclusive Society’ with a vision of changing the lives of children and young adults with special needs.  UNMISH, strongly believes that each child or adult, however challenged deserves an opportunity to be his/her best and carve a niche in the society. The team is committed to clinical excellence, compassion, and coordinated care to prepare them for a better and dignified life.  Located in New Alipore, Unmish started with one child and has grown into a school, a therapy and a vocational unit with specialists and has worked with over 1,300 children till date. Being a self-help group specializing in assistive and rehabilitation technology, UNMISH is dedicated in improving the quality of life of parents and their children.

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