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Aashirvaad Salt rejuvenates more than 2800 Kolkata Artisans this Durga Puja

ITC Ltd.’s Aashirvaad Salt participated in Bengal’s biggest annual festival, Durga Puja. The brand endeavored to keep the artisans hydrated with itsinitiative ‘Chutki Bhor Aashirvaad’. The special initiative was undertaken by Aashirvaad Salt to refresh thousands of artisans who tirelessly toil as they race to complete the idols in time for the most awaited festival of West Bengal.The brand also released a digital video showcasing the result of this initiative and how it powered up the energy level of the craftsmen who put their best foot forward with months of hard work to enable people of West Bengal to celebrate Durga Puja in a befitting manner.Video Link-

Idolsarean integral part of Durga Puja celebrations and Kolkata becomes home to innumerable artisans whohandcraftthem with utmost dedication thatbrightens up the festival.They work night and day laboriously, recreating the charm and intricate beauty of Goddess Durga and other idols that are creatively decorated to be displayed in pandalsduring the festive period. To revitalize and boost the energy of Bengal’s artisans, Aashirvaad Salt’s volunteerscarrieda container full of NimbuPaniand reached out to more than 2800+ artisansin a span of two days. The volunteersdistributedthe natural refreshing beverage, prepared using Aashirvaad Iodized Salt to all the artisans to keep them energized and enabling them to work tirelessly.

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