AbInitio Entertainment Releases Their Debut Short Film ‘Boli’ In Digital Platform

 AbInitio Entertainments’ debut short film Boli has been released in digital platform and will be available for viewing in YouTube channel by clicking the link https://youtu.be/kNwZsIj1mMc.

“We have tried to address a burning issue of how a girl child is executed for no reasons, which the generations have faced, through an example of age – old ritual of Durga Puja which is known as Boli. Through this film we tried to spread a message that for the fulfillment of our own interest, we do not hesitate to sacrifice the innocent one,” said Ms Titas Bandyopadhyay,Partner, Ab Initio Entertainments.

The film tells the story of Mukherjee family’s Durga Puja celebration for which the family members have congregated. Many relatives of the Mukherjee family have come together. Biswanath Mukherjee is the head of the family. His grandson, Amar has returned from the city for the first time to see the worship of Goddess Durga in the village. The entire family is in very high spirits again. Goddess Durga is worshiped as mother and everybody seeks blessing from her for the prosperity of children and family.

Amar asks his grandfather, how can a brutal ritual like animal sacrifice still happen in this house and why nobody has stopped it from happening? His grandfather replied that for the sake of their prestige, power, greed and wealth nobody spares the innocent ones. Even the gods and goddesses are not free from this. Whoever will come between the Goddess and her personal interest, will not be spared. The story then takes an interesting turn.

Boli is directed by Orpheus Mukhoty and music has been composed by Pijush Chakraborty. It is coceptualised and scripted by Ms Titas bandyopadhyay.  Veteran actor Chandi Charan Das along with few promising actors of the industry including Sabuj, Tweety, Madhumita and Swakhar have acted in the film.

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