About Us


The Times Of Bengal started from 2014 , taking the main aim to serve the society and West Bengal by sharing truthful,cultural & informative news.Along this we are going to start for the business owners to promote their business at a minimum cost. It not means that we are challenging with the daily mediums but to give all a new taste of Media & Journalism.

Our Approach

Our vision is to serve all Indians & residents of West Bengal with cultural & informative news.

Our Story

After walking for more than 13 years with different types of media we planned to open this as we want to share the Cultural & informative news to all.

Meet the Team

Still now we have a team of 10 members among them 3 are Cameraperson,2 Journalists,1 HR Admin  & 4 Workers

Suhrid Ghosh

Founder & Director

Worked in this media industry for more than 13 years trained by the senior reporters & camerapersons.Now opened this platform having the target to “Connecting Bengal”


Payel Das

Hr Admin & Media Relations Head

Attached with Film Industry as model apart this she has a target to serve Bengal by sharing Cultural & informative news.


Azaruddin Sk

Camera Person

Started his journey clicking normal pictures.Now become the Official Cameraperson of this house as he is the person who come from a far way from Kolkata to serve the news & click pictures.