Actor Vinay Pathak, a cheating adulterer in Dream land!

  • Cheating  your wife in your dreams may seem to be a simple wish fulfillment or a desire for something new and exciting, maybe providing an opportunity to safely explore your sexuality, but what if your partner tries to kills you in your dreams, and the dream almost merges into reality,  forms the crux of the new exciting lighthearted film THE DARK BREW, starring the most talented actor Vinay Pathak as Anil Vadhera, a creative writer. Sheetal Thakur enacts as Ria Bajaj (Pyschiatrist by Profession) &  Shibani Bedi as Geeta Vadera (Ex- Dancer by Profession)
  • THE DARK BREW, produced by Warewolf Films, is a funny dark humour take on a man committing a sin  in his dream and gets killed, will he survive when he wakes up?
  • Dynamic director and producer Akash Goila concurs on the theme ” THE DARK BREW is a funny slice of life film. Vinay Pathak is a very talented actor and done an excellent job in reprising the protagonist role. Hell hath no fury  like a woman scorned, even in your dreams..when she is mad, even the demons run for cover…Cheating guys take an insurance cover!
 Film Director and Film Producer Akash Goila. His Vision: To produce the maximum no. of films with the quality content under the banner WAREWOLF FILMS & raise Indian regional cinema via short movies globally. And distribute the same digitally and in short theatres via Akash Goila’s brand  FILMERAA.

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