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Advent of Bhairabee with daffodils

Agamanir Abahane Chande Chande Gaane Gaane, the musical evening was incorporated by daffodils at sarat sadan , howrah on September 14 attended by renowned singer kalyan Sen Barat and actress Anamika Saha.
This event witnessed the new album launch of the music band solely run by a group of wemen named Bhairabee.
The program opens with greeting the guests and follows a monologue performed by actress Anamika sarkar called Bihongyo which was released in radio. Apart from her and kalyan sen barat the opening of the ceremony was accompanied by owner of the daffodils organization Rudra sen, his wife Jhumki sen and the director of the mega serial alo chhaya, Manish Ghosh.
The second segment of the program was occupied by the live performance and album release of the band bhairabee. The vocalists of the band are Priti Sathi Mridula Koli Sutopa and Bratati. The tabla was played by Parna and flute by Marjeena. Their very first album named after their band itself and composed by musician kalyan Sen Barat was released today on stage.
The third and the last segment of the program was live performance by singer Jhumki sen. The program ended with few festive songs performed by Joy Hazra.

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