Ami Joy Chatterjee – a movie to keep in mind

By Bhagyasree:- “Ami Joy Chatterjee” has been running successfully in all the theaters of kolkata. Those who have not seen this epic adventureous movie please go and watch to your nearest cinema hall…..As the name of this movie depicts its lead male character’s name which is Joy(Abir Chatterjee)who ‘is a very successful businessman though his nature is much arrogant, workoholik, selfish. He only loves himself and his work whereas his fiance Aditi Roy(JayaAhasan) is a child specialist doctor. She always make him to understand that how to respect others and behave nicely with others. The change which she wants to see on him will finally becomes true with a great adventureous journey to the way through foothills of the great mountains. A great challenging acting journey for Abir as he potrays a two different significant characters for this movie and another character of smart police officer plays by Shataf Figar on this movie.
Its a good movie for the present generation where most of the people are having this kind of mental illness.
In order to get rid of this freak and makes all your life beautiful we all should watch out this movie once to our nearest hall.

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