By Abhinaba Ray :- Top Food Bloggers Awards, a platform initiated and organised by Candid
Communication & Sidd’s Hospitality with the aim to honour and celebrate the excellent work of the young and vibrant social influencers and bloggers, had an exclusive Panel Discussion Session
on “Emerging Culinary trends influencing the way we eat, cook and communicate” today at International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM), Salt Lake, Sector V Campus today. The occasion was graced by Mrs. Sanjukta Bose(Director,lIHM Kolkata), Chef Sanjay Kak(Culinary Director- IIHM and
Indismart Global limited), Ms.Birgit Holm(General Manager of Hyatt),Mr.Mizan Uddin(Hotel Manager, ibis Kolkata Rajarhat) Mr. Suman Chakraborty(CEO, Roman Books), in Conversation with Ms.
Paromita Ghosh Director, Candid Communication)along with some of the Senior Bloggers of the city-
Mr. Indrajit Lahiri, Ms. Rukshana A. Kapadia, Ms. Poorna Banerjee & Ms. Luna Chatterjee.The food industry around us is changing at an incredible speed, and thus the industry keeps on evolving.The growth in technology has indeed had a notable impact on how and what we eat. Moreover,with improved standards of living,many young professionals have begun to experiment in their eating habits.

Speaking on the occasion,Ms.Paromita Ghost,Director, Candid Communication, said,”Top food Bloggers Awards aims to discover & celebrate the talents of the bloggers who always offer so much
information about the culinary world. We are taking a step towards an enhanced future with this session. We hope that we are able to change perceptions with this session today and are glad that we
learnt something new and interesting. It was a really fur and beneficial session for all of us.”

The discussions were mostly around the different emerging trends which influence everyone’s eating and cooking lifestyle. The panel discussion also highlighted the growing adaption of latest mobile
application for fastest food ordering, inclination towards organic and healthy foods, acceptance of foreign oriental cuisines, increasing demand in
fusion foods and moreover, growing popularity of Molecular Gastronomy.

The session concluded on different perspectives and insights from the thought leaders of the food industry to lead any change with more conviction and confidence- and improve eating lifestyle
healthy future.

About Top Food Bloggers Awards: – Top Food Bloggers Awards has stepped into the second edition it was started with the objective to reward bloggers in segments of the quality of writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered,the level of love displayedin words on the virtual page and of course,the quality of the photographs and the level of love displayed in talking to them.Setting a branchmark in the industry,Top Food Bloggers’ Awards 2019
continues its journey of celebration of bloggers, cooks, photographers and travelers who have taken to the web to
tell stories and get everyone excited!.

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