An untold story – Priya Biswas

Name :- Priya Biswas

Location :- Kolkata

Inspired by :- Inspiration from serials given a new challenge to me to do the best in this field.Start of life was with local movies and music albums.

From Kolkata what u get :- Ya, kolkata gives me a warm pleasure like a mother whenever I being rejected by others due to I can’t sleep with them or give huge donations. I am a simple girl who wants to be successful.

Aim In life :- As such nothing but to see me successful and also to built a home for my parents.

Inspirational words to upcoming :- See,before joining in this industry promise urself something that here you join to be an actor or actress not to warm anyone’s bed or give huge donations without reasons.

Hobbies :- Adda with friends,helping roadside childrens, and some more

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