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Jubilant FoodWorks Limited (JFL) today reported its financial results for the quarter and
year ended 31st March, 2019.
Operating Revenues for Q4 FY19 stood at Rs. 8,652 million, representing an increase of 10.9% over the same period
last year. The revenue growth was driven by Same Store growth (SSG) of 6.0% and new stores opened during the
year in Domino’s Pizza.
EBITDA for Q4 FY19 was Rs. 1,476 million, or 17.1% of revenue, a growth of 15.5% over Q4 FY18 and a margin
expansion of 70 bps.
Profit after Tax in Q4 FY19 stood at Rs. 739 million, or 8.5% of revenue, a growth of 8.6% over Q4 FY18.
For the full year FY 2018-19, Operating Revenues stood at Rs.35,307 million, up by 18.5% over last year, driven by
robust Same Store Growth of 16.4% in Domino’s Pizza.
Profitability increased strongly with FY19 EBITDA at Rs.6,078 million at 17.2% of revenue, a growth of 36.2% over
FY18. FY19 Profit after Tax stood at Rs.3,228 million at 9.1% of revenue, a growth of 56.4% over FY18.
Highlights of the Quarter
The store opening momentum for Domino’s Pizza in India remained strong with 30 new stores added during the quarter.
During the quarter, Domino’s Online sales grew faster and now contribute 75% of the total Delivery sales.

Jubilant FoodWorks Limited
Press Release – Financial Results for Q4 & FY2019

Performance Snapshot – Q4 FY19
 Operating Revenues at Rs. 8,652 million, growth
of 10.9%.
 Domino’s Pizza Same Store Sales Growth (SSG) at
6.0%, on a base of 26.5% last year.
 EBITDA at Rs.1,476 million, growth of 15.5%;
EBITDA Margin at 17.1%, up by 70 bps.
 Profit After Tax at Rs.739 million, growth of 8.6%;
PAT Margin at 8.5%.

2 | Page Jubilant FoodWorks Limited – Q4 & FY19 Press Release
Jubilant FoodWorks ventured into Chinese Fast Casual segment with its first home-grown brand ‘Hong’s
Kitchen’. Hong’s Kitchen opened its first restaurant in Gurugram.
Domino’s Pizza was officially launched in Bangladesh with grand opening of its first restaurant in Dhaka. The store
got off to a strong start and broke the global Domino’s record for the highest number of orders for its first week and the
first month of operations.
The Company introduced 10 new Cricket-themed Pizzas, five each in veg. & non-veg. categories, as part of its ‘World Pizza
League’ offering. These included African Peri Peri, Aussie Barbecue, Jamaican Jerk, Indi Tandoori & English Cheddar.
Dunkin’ Donuts sustained its performance momentum after reporting break-even in Q3 FY19. It remains on track to
achieve profitability driven by focus on the core portfolio of Donuts and Beverages.
Commenting on the performance for Q4 & FY19, Mr. Shyam S. Bhartia, Chairman and Mr. Hari S. Bhartia, Co-
Chairman, Jubilant FoodWorks Limited said,
“We are pleased with our results in FY19, it was one of our strongest years in recent times both in terms of growth and
profitability. During the year, we also expanded our footprint into Bangladesh and entered the Chinese food category
with our brand, ‘Hong’s Kitchen’. We continue to remain optimistic about the long term growth prospects of the Food
service category and are confident that JFL is best placed to drive this growth.”
Commenting on the performance for Q4 & FY19, Mr. Pratik Pota, CEO and Whole time Director, Jubilant
FoodWorks Limited said,
“Lapping our strongest quarter from last year, we delivered a robust revenue growth of 10.9% in Q4. We closed the year
with revenue growth of 18.5% for FY19, driven by a 7-year high same-store sales growth (SSSG) of 16.4%. We are
confident that Domino’s will continue to drive strong growth in the year ahead.
This quarter also marked our entry into the Chinese Fast Casual segment as also into the Bangladesh market with the
launch of our first Domino’s Pizza restaurant in Dhaka. I am delighted to share that both of these are off to strong starts
and should be significant growth drivers for us in the future”.
Store Matrix

Domino’s Pizza

Particulars Q4 FY19 Q4 FY18 FY19 FY18
SSG 6.0% 26.5% 16.4% 13.9%

Network data

Restaurant at the beginning of the period 1,200 1,127 1,134 1,117
New Restaurants 30 7 102 24
Closed restaurants 3 0 9 7
Restaurants at the end of the period 1,227 1,134 1,227 1,134
Number of New Cities added 2 1 7 3
1,227 restaurants as of 31st March, 2019 across 273 cities
2 new cities added in Q4 FY19 (Khatauli, UP and Sikar, Rajasthan)
Online data

Particulars Q4 FY19 Q4 FY18
OLO to Delivery Sales % 75% 63%
Mobile Ordering sales to OLO % 88% 78%
App Download Count cum. (in mn) 17.8 9.6

  • “Same store growth” (SSG) refers to the year-over-year growth in sales for restaurants opened before previous financial year.”

Dunkin’ Donuts
Network data

Particulars Q4 FY19 Q4 FY18 FY19 FY18
Restaurant at the beginning of the period 32 44 37 63
New Restaurants 0 1 1 5
Closed restaurants 1 8 7 31
Restaurants at the end of the period 31 37 31 37
Number of New Cities added Nil Nil Nil Nil

3 | Page Jubilant FoodWorks Limited – Q4 & FY19 Press Release
31 restaurants as of 31st March, 2019 across 10 cities
Note: 1. Figures have been rounded off for the purpose of reporting.

  1. Financial data in this presentation is derived from audited standalone IND-AS financial statements.
  2. The financials of Dunkin’ Donuts have been included in the results & related financial discussion.

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