Antaheen pathe eka Rumki” at Shishir Mancha, Kolkata.

Recently recitation artist Rumki Ganguli presented her solo recitation (ekak) programme titled “Antaheen pathe eka Rumki” at Shishir Mancha, Kolkata.Her charming voice,attractive appearance, immaculate presentation aided by stage decoration,set settings, light, music, projector screen backup made the full capacity audience spell bound till end. She presented 16 poetry of different tastes, rhythm and colour ranging from Sadharan meye by Rabindranath Thakur to Draupadi by Shuvashish Shuva raising the programme to new height and dimension.
True to her announced objective of the programme to aid Cancer patients she along with members of her recitation school ‘Kabitanjali’ spent one full afternoon with the patients at Subodh Mitra Cancer Hospital, salt lake with gift and love. Her company induced into the patients ray of hope and joy. S/sree Partha Ghosh, Jagannath Basu,Debashish Kumar, Mrs Ramala Chakraborty,the General Manager, Doctors and staff of the hospital praised her noble endeavour.

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