ANWESHA Kolkata creates awarness for effective ear and hearing care.

By Mahiyan Chakrabarti:- World Health Organisation (WHO) declared 3rd March as World Hearing Day in its International Conference on Prevention and Rehabilitation of Hearing Impairment in Beijing, China in 2007. According to WHO, currently there are around 466 million person in the world with disabling hearing loss, of which 432 million are adults and 34 million are children which is likely to increase to 630 million in 2030. Hearing loss is mainly caused due to exposure to loud sounds, unsafe use of personal audio devices and noisy entertainment venues. 50% of hearing loss is preventable through public health actions and awareness is essential for effective ear and hearing care.
ANWESHA Kolkata which started in 2004, has been always actively involved in creating an enabling environment for holistic development of children through their activities over a decade for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, with parents as equal partners through early intervention into the problem. ANWESHA received state award in 2011 and 2017 for its contribution in playing the role of a change maker in the society and also bagged Mahasweta Devi Memorial Award in 2017 for advocating the rights of deaf children and young adults.
The theme for this year’s World Hearing Day was Check Your Hearing. ANWESHA Kolkata, this year took some great initiatives to create awareness on ear care and hearing health in a large scale through various activities like organising a Press Meet with eminent ENT specialists of the city who discussed about hearing loss and the importance of new born hearing screening and ear care it also organised a debate on the theme of WHO 2019 “Check your hearing” supported by Ashutosh College which was followed by screening an awareness film on Ear care and Prevention of Hearing Loss and with the help of Kolkata Traffic Police two Tableaus were on road from 8AM to 4PM travelling in two different routes covering South Kolkata, Sealdah, Rajabazar, Khanna, Ultodanga and Ruby More to create awareness among public. Talk shows in Radio and Television, publishing various relevant articles in Print and Digital Media and district level awareness programs by ANWESHA has certainly created an impact in the society.

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