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Arpita Bose wins ‘Hello Kolkata STYLE ICON’

Eminent actress, model and educationist Ms. Arpita Bose was crowned as  ‘Hello Kolkata STYLE ICON’ at Birla Planetarium on 10th June eve during a colourful program of glitz and glamour.    A host of dignitaries like nationally acclaimed Magician Somnath, singer Jhumki Sen, designer Annie Jain (Director of “Annie’s Creations” and ‘Tile Square’), Rudra Sen (Owner of Daffodil Incorporate’), Dr. Rumki Gupta, Dr. Rudrarup Gupta, Gayaki Mata and Sarod Baba handed over the memento and certificate to the wonderfully talented Ms. Arpita Bose.     Arpita’s wholesome approach to life, coupled with her exemplary illustration of ‘Beauty with Brains’ has made her the Perfect Choice of our ‘Hello Kolkata STYLE ICON’,  remarked Asish Basak, Editor-Director, ‘Hello Kolkata’.      She is a perfect Role Model whose great sincerity and devotion towards work will motivate countless others to persevere and achieve greater success in life, remarked Rudra Sen, Chief Jury Member.     The Awards ceremony also witnessed the poster launch of  ‘SIXER…..’, an AV album to commemorate the ongoing Cricket World Cup, presented by Rudra Sen (Daffodil Incorporate), featuring lead singer Jhumki Sen & Joy Hazra, lyrics by Soumitra Ghosh, music by Anupam Dutta, concept & direction by Asish Basak.

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