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Passion to Profession – Saheli Das Mukherjee icon of next generation

Saheli Das Mukherjee, a young lady  of 29 years  & creator of Enigma is a self learned photographer and on later stages had Madhu Sarkar and Rajesh Gupta as my mentor .Started her journey in photography from 2011.She studied at a school in Chakdah now becomes a representation of that area where she spends her childhood.She struggled a lot from this photography industry and learned a lot.She is an icon as she follows one golden rule. While speaking to media Saheli said “I am learning from whom I meet in today’s life”.It makes & encourages her to be the icon of next generation fashion photographer.As we came to know from sources that within this young age she has already worked with BETTERBRANDS, WOMILO, 100 Park Street ,Food & Wellness, ECO-THALI , ADI AKHAY, BHASKAR SRINIKETAN COLOROSO, ARANYAK BOUTIQUE, NAKSHA BOUTIQUE

She has already achieved INTERNATIONAL SALON ACCEPTANCE achievement in Fashion Segment.

Her message to the young generation, to learn & enrich the industry.

Enigma 2017:


As owner of Creativo Studio, Saheli Das Mukherjee always wished to portray her creative work to the world through a platform which is eye catching and unique. In order to do so, she envisioned a calendar built on a singular thematic structure featuring models and fashion designers who are ready to think out of the box.


The second edition of Enigma 2017 is a burst of colours where are the young and talented photographer has made magic with her lenses. Shot across the country Purulia, Bishnupur, Forests of North Bengal and Jaipur among others, the calendar is a visual delight par excellence. From modern to rustic, outdoor to indoor, bright lights to subdued settings, the look of Enigma 2017 is as varied as its themes which range from friendship, love and celebration to solitude, fantasy and playfulness.


The line-up for the calendar this year includes designers Abhishek Roy, Abhishek Ray, Kushal Chatterjee, Proloy Dasgupta, Kushal Sen, Raj, Kiro Chowdhury & etc.


The models who have been featured in Enigma 2017 are Tollywood actress Priyanka Sarkar, renowned model Satarupa Pyne, Miss India Universe Ushoshi Sengupta, etc among others.

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