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The Scholastic Concoction opts for Voluminous Repute of Learning

Scholastic Concoction opts for Voluminous Repute of Learning

By Staff Reporter:-Research is always our most victorious culmination of a real conceptual advancement in a specific domain. Moreover any sizeable research community permits to entrench an everlasting boulevard for sharing the wide-spread thoughts to find a profound solution within a short while.

In such an impeccable academic dimension our most virtuous “Green ThinkerZ Society”, India has organized The International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Development (IRSD-2016) at NITTTR, Chandigarh (UT), India on 1st and 2nd December, 2016 in a befitting manner. The very prestigious organizing committee has invited a number of encyclopedic and real evident Educationists, Academicians, Researchers, and Professors along with few eminent dignitaries to enhance the global grandeur of this worthy International Conference from the perspective of very pivotal “Environmental Sustainability” with the unvanquished dream for fabricating a Technical and Eco-Friendly world shortly.

Very prestigious proceeding of Day-1 has been initiated by an engaging “Welcome Address” of Dr. C. Ramkrishna, Professor & Head, Department of CSE, NITTTR, Chandigarh. That was followed by the glistening inauguration by Lamp lightening and unveiling of hardcopy of Proceeding by the dignitaries.

In the same precious great educational vibrancy Dr. M.P. Poonia, Director, NITTTR, Chandigarh, Dr. D.K. Jain, Director, CDAC, Mohali, Dr. K.K. Saini, Director, Hindu College of Engineering, Sonepat, Haryana, Mrs. Shyama Iyer, National Coordinator(Training), Spoken Tutorial, IIT Bombay have received their most elegant “Guest of Honor” in a very graceful manner. Moreover they have shared their appealing thoughts for the illustrious advancements of Green ThinkerZ, which shall be exclusively rousing for this beauteous globe in deed in the near future.

Besides their commendable participation Er. Samudaya Nanayakkara, MIS Consultant, University of Moratuwa, Srilanka, Dr. Sushanta Tripathy, Professor and Head(PHD and Post-Doc), KIIT University, Odisha, Er. Tanvir Singh, President, Green ThinkerZ and Outreach Officer(Punjab, J&K State, Spoken Tutorial, IIT Bombay), Dr. Dhiraj Sharma, Professor, Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab have played their destined role not only to deliver their noteworthy speech but to galvanize the indispensible heritage of that compelling International Conference in their respective session.

The most exiting session mesmerized the entire august audience through an astounding “Green ThinkerZ 2016 Award Ceremony”, where all the awardees have been gracefully appreciated and recognized by the very promising organizing committee. Moreover each member and thinker of that alluring committee have displayed their irresistible effort for this mega event really successful and they have stimulated all the individual awardees to enrich their best educational brilliance in a most contemplative manner forever.

Most notably Rudrarup Gupta, Academic Researcher, Overseas Privileged Author, Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, Partridge India, Overseas Reviewer, World Academy of Science and Science and Technology, USA and Commercial Manager, Multifarious Projects Group, India has received the prestigious “Green ThinkerZ- Bright Researcher Award, 2016” for contribution in the field of Management.  He has been extremely delighted for the award, which has inspired his needful spirit of captivating research in Management. He has dedicated this special Award to his victorious mother Dr. Rumki Gupta(Retired from Indian Statistical Institute) and thought provoking father Sri Malay Gupta(Business Man and Veteran Writer) respectively. Furthermore Rudrarup Gupta shall be contributing a lot for Green ThinkerZ over the coming years. He is always at best academic assistance and cooperation for this esteemed organization forever. He has extremely been thankful to the Conference Organizers for their magnanimous support and the infinite cooperation at every now and then. Moreover Rudrarup Gupta thinks the prompt response of those noble organizers and their kind recommendation for this glorious AWARD is equivalent to the righteous reflection of our sublime “Sunlight”, which is our undiminished energy ever.

On the other hand this conference had the technical session as well, where plenty of evident speakers such as: Session Chair Dr. Vikram Singh(Invited Speaker), Professor, Chaudhary Devi lal University, Sirsa(Haryana), India, Dr. S.P. Ahuja(Principal, Indo Global Colleges, Abhipur, Punjab, Dr. Balwinder Singh, CDAC, Mohali, Punjab,  have expounded their scholastic and scientific view about environmental sustainability. Apart from that the entire audience has been absolutely mesmerized by some exceptional presentations of Dr. Arvind k Sharma(Topic: The Role of Information and Communication Technologies(ICTs) in a Smart Sustainable City), Dr. Anubhav Kumar(Topic: Comprehensive Analysis of Data Mining Techniques and Trends for Knowledge Management System), Dr. Murali Krishna B(Topic: Clod Flow Study at 330 CAD for Control of Emission with Different Intake Manifolds of a Single Cylinder Internal Combustion Engine), Ashlesa Mohapatra(Topic: A Critical Review of Alternative Success of Energy Towards Sustainability), Sukhdeep Singh(Topic: Data Acquisition for Online Handwritten Gurmukhi Strokes).

In the same light the next technical session starts through some outstanding interpretations of technical research at all. The most eminent participants were Session Chair and Invited Speaker Dr. Sanju Saini(D.C.R. University of Science and Technology, Murthal, Sonepat, Haryana), Dr. Kalwalvir Singh Dhindsa, BBSBEC, Fatehgar Sahib, Punjab), Dr. Suresh Gholse, Principal, VNIET, Nagpur, Maharastra along with Dr. Dhiraj Sharma was particular. On the contrary Madhwendra Nath(Topic: Face Recognition Technology-A Review), Priyanshu Tripathi(Topic: A Survey on Channel Estimation in OFDM), Mehak Saini(Topic: Digital Image Water Marking Techniques: State of the Art), Sonali Dhiman(Topic: Whitefly detection on Cotton crops using Image Processing), Dr. Murali Krishna B(Topic: Renewable CSO Diesel Blend: A Partial Substitute & Smoke Reduction Fuel for Di Diesel Engines), Dr. Monika Bedi(Topic: Consumers Preferences for herbal beauty products, Monu Kumar(Topic: Effect of Geographical Climatic Condition on the Exegetic Efficiency of Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle based Vehicle Air Conditioner),Rishi Gour(Topic: Recycling of Titanium and its Alloys for Sustainable Development: An Overview), Sharanjit Kaur(Topic: Sustainable Development in Communication networks with dynamic spectrum access techniques in CRNs).

Another most omnipotent session has been regulated by our very acclaimed Dr. Mihir Mohanty(Invited Speaker), ITER, SOA University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, Dr. S.S. Khurmi, Yadavindra College of Engineering(YCoE), Bathinda, Punjab, Dr, S.N.Panda(Invited Speaker), Director Research, Chitkara University, Rajupura, Punjab, A. Kumar(Invited Speaker), Researcher, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing, China. Each speaker has deciphered their encyclopedic view about the global advancement, which is really needful along with Ritu (Topic: A review on Mobile Cloud Computing), Dr. Rekha Rani(Topic: Review Study on Water Microbes and Human Diseases.

In fine Dr. S.S. Khurmi has narrated the entire day through his mind-blowing Valedictory Address, which was followed by eye-catching Valedictory Ceremony, upstanding IRSD Awards, 2016 and most respectable National Anthem.

The gratifying International Conference is having an enraptured shape in Day-2 as well. The second day has been initiated by Dr. k.K.saini and his epoch making address. Then Mrs. Shyama Iyer has initiated to maintain the same precious rhythm through her indelible talk on Latex. Apart from that, Dr. Kamaljeet Singh was from ISRO Satellite Centre, Bengluru, Karnataka, India has been invited through some exemplary thoughts of research at all.  Then the phenomenal commencement of Workshop in Lab has taken place in a fascinating fashion.

Most notably Dr. K.K.Saini, Dr. Sushanta Tripathi and Dr. Suresh Gholse have directed an unimpeachable session, where both Dr. Anupinder Singh, Guru nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab and Dr. S.S. khurmi have been invited to share their elite introspections with the audience. Apart from that, Saumya Ranjan Lenka(Topic: Tackling of E-Waste for Effective Swachh Bharat), Mr. Ajay Kumar Pathania(Topic: Study of Familiarity, satisfaction & Motives of Users for using Solar Energy Based Products in Punjab), Basudha parmar(Topic: Design and Development of Medical Sensors for a portable Device, Anupama Bhardwaj(Topic: Comparative Study of Natural Coagulants and Natural Surfactants for treatment of Dairy Wastewater, Sonia Chaman(Poster Presentation, Topic: Effect of Surfactant and Natural Coagulants on Biodegrading Capability of Bacterial Isolates from Dairy Effluent), Shweta Sinha(Topic: Role of IL10-592C/A, Gene Polymorphism with Asthama in a North Indian Population) have shared and established their successful experimentations through their worthy presentation and they have tried to enrich the entire conference with their unbeaten commitment of research.

At the end of it all very renowned Dr. Sushanta Tripathi has delivered the spectacular Valedictory address and that has been ended with the fabulous Valedictory Ceremony.

This International Conference shall snatch the most creative world of research soon and it shall be the never-ending insignia for the researchers to repute their honorable academic stature shortly.

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