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‘TO WIN’- A Motivational Book by Asish Basak

‘TO WIN’- A Motivational Book by Asish Basak

‘TO WIN’ – a motivational book written by Asish Basak is aimed at guiding a person for self-discovery. It is dedicated to each of those who wants to, attempts to and does something to win in life, to gain success in each and every aspect – be it a game, a relationship, a job, an interview, a public speech, etc. which we do not even think of as worth a thought but which we cannot also avoid or neglect.

Although a B.E.(Civil), Bsc. in academics, Asish Basak has become an author by choice, a film-maker by passion, a Journalist & PR Consultant by profession, an actor and anchor by desire.

Asish Basak started his career in HRD and then moved on to Media. At present, he is the Editor-Director of ‘Hello Kolkata’, a 3D News-Media that runs an English newspaper & news-site- He also mentors the newly launched multi-lingual ‘Hello Kolkata TV’, along with directing & producing 3 feature films.As a successful PR consultant, he has coordinated various prestigious events for innumerable organizations.

This book-‘TO WIN’ deals with his feelings and experience gathered over several years of teaching and professional capacity of consultancy in Media & HRD. It addresses topics like Body Language, Public Speaking, Change Resolution and Confidence Building that can help people to win in life.

Practicable steps for personality development, confidence building and methods of cultivation of good habits, are discussed in the very first chapter. Importance and application of effective communication skills, with special emphasis on human perception, is treated in details in the next section. The book also depicts how to counter the fear of public speaking and recommends some simplistic yet effectual methods for a successful presentation in business or academic seminars.

Although body language is the most secret and powerful language of all, an average human being hardly pays any attention in understanding and interpreting the implications of various gestures and posture of his own and others surrounding him. The chapter on body language is aimed at helping the readers navigate in the fascinating landscape of non-verbal communications. The essays on how to stop worry and cope with changes emphasise the importance of understanding the actual reason behind them and aims to help an individual cope with their consequent uncertainties. A mixture of innovative and tested formulae for resolving conflicts are illustrated next. The author signs of with a select batch of quote that is both touching and educative.

Summarising the content of his book, Asish Basak remarked, “Although the materials of ‘TO WIN’ are mostly academic and conceptual in nature, the practical applications suggested here may ensure it to be a valuable asset for people. However, it does not claim to promulgate any band-aid approaches to various maladies that plague an average human being. It only aims to make the reader aware of the various factors around him and to give him a general direction for the journey of life, to win and help others to win as well. Actually we must have the will to win before we wish to win. To wish is just thinking or waiting to win; but to will is to make a conscious attempt to succeed or win. “To Win’ is my attempt to make people believe that they can win, to replenish their desires and help them to look up at the sky and see the stars shining and how to feel to be a part of them.”



“To WIN”  by Asish Basak-

Price of book- Rs 240/

Publisher & Printer- The Phoenix                   


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