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 Shree Animesh Shastri , Raj jyotish & founder , Chairman of Aryabhatta Foundation .

Shree Animesh Shastri , the founder of this great astrology education institution , Aryabhatta Foundation , has organised this blissful get  together named as Milan Samabesh in regard to the occasion of Shuvo Dipabali & Shuvo Saradiya .

The core objective of this Milan Smabesh is to bring all astrologers together  under one roof who all possess true knowledge and wisdom of real astronomy based astrology and to make all such astrologers ,  united together to be in  the service of the Human beings and humanity .

Shri Animesh Shastri is working on the mission – Astrology with the true knowledgeable astrologers  should be a platform to rightly  guide the common people correctly  for their well being , happiness and prosperity .

And so only this get together has been organised by him to have a significant step ahead for such noble mission of bringing all astrologers under one roof and to jointly work towards the above said mission of helping the common man towards their well being , happiness and prosperity 

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