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Awareness campaign by Odomos, before Monsoon

By Avishruti Majumder,2nd July, 2019; kolkata : Over the past few years increasing rate of malaria in different parts of India has become a discernible matter.
On this serious issue India’s most preffered personal application mosquito repellent brand ‘Odomos’ from the House of Dabur , announced the launch of it’s mega initiative, #MakeIndiaDengueFree.
They are aim is to reaching out over 10 lakh people across the country, educating them about prevention from mosquito bites and distributing free samples of odomos mosquito repellent creams to protect themselves from dengue-causing mosquitoes this Monsoon.
They are mainly focusing on students and teachers in schools( mostly under preveledged) to spread this as an educational awareness, and they are also conducting some local awareness campaign through which they mainly aimed to reach out among maximum number of people. Their whole camping will be conducted in 5 states, so they started off their initiative from Kolkata with an awareness session amongst more than 200 kids from Hiral lal Government School in the city to educate the students, teachers as well as parents about effective prevention from Dengue . Dr. Dhrubajyoti Halder , a leading medical practitioner in the city, also made his appearance to tell them about the causes and symptoms of malaria.
Entire event were parted into 3 session – it’s started by stating their intentions of the campaign, then they distributed samples of odomos between appeared students, finally that comes to an end by a small question answer session.
This is a great initiative by the House of Dabur. More campaign like this is highly vindicable .

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