April 1, 2020

The Times of Bengal

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Being Strong Fitness Studio Opens Its Flagship Centre In Kolkata

Being Strong Fitness Studio opened their first flagship centre today in Southern Avenue in Kolkata. Ms Nahida Khanum and Ms Swastica Sharma, two budding entrepreneurs, have come up with this studio which can be distinguished by contemporary design, enhanced by high-end training techniques and well tested-equipment range inspired by the essential elegance of shapes. Renowned actor and fitness freak, Mr Soham Chatterjee inaugurated the centre.

Being Strong Fitness Studio, which already has a centre in Picnic Gardens, is known for consistency, professionalism and drives for continuous improvement. Being Strong Fitness Studio is a fitness working lab with a mission to develop modern equipment. Being Strong offers reliable and modern fitness equipment that not only benefits contemporary space or modern facilities but also represents a lifestyle product.

“At Being Strong Fitness Studio we combine aesthetics and ergonomics to create the most ideal balance between the purpose and content of modern fitness mantra. Located at the heart of the city, we are providing world class facilities with certified trainers and nutritionists”, said Ms Nahida Khanum and Ms Swastica Sharma, Partners, Being Strong.

Spread across an area of 3500 sq ft Being Strong in Kolkata offers K-11 and ACE certified trainers, well trained in modern forms of exercise, Zumba, Krav Maga, MMA and K-11 certified nutritionist for its members. 

Monthly membership charges at Being Strong Fitness Studio starts from Rs 3500/-, quarterly from Rs 9000/-, half yearly from Rs 17000/- and annually from Rs 30000/-.