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মানুষের সাথে, মানুষের পাশে

Breaking down the boundaries

By Avishruti Majumder and Risha Mondal: CII Indian woman network with the vision to work with industry and civil society to strengthen woman’s role and participation in the economic sphere and community affairs , held a session on “Breaking down boundaries: Connect | Understand | Progress” in Kolkata. Amanat personalities like Ms. Roshni Sen, principal Secretary, department of technical education training and skill development, government of West Bengal ; Mrs. Virginie Corteval, consulate general of France in Kolkata; Mr. Mehul Mohanka, vice chairman, West Bengal state council, CII and managing director and group CEO, Tega industries limited; Ms. Madhulika Kanoria, Chairwoman, CII indian Women Network, West Bengal chapter; Mrs. Sucharita Basu, Vice Chairwoman, CII Indian Women Network, West Bengal Chapter and Ms. Paromita Ghosh, Convener Leadership Committee, CII Indian Women Network.
Entire session was divided into three main discussion – challenges facing gender diversity, gender diversity and the disrupted world of work and a debate on #metoo is more sensationalism than activism.
During discussion the panel mostly focused on gender despairities in India and their negative effects on economic growth, deprived women’s talent in technology and other sectors and how gender inequalities gathered momentum in the past few years and rose to the top of the global agenda with #metoo and #bringbackourgirls movement. And the session finally ended up by concluding with the positive thoughts and messages which helps every woman to lead any change with more conviction as well as improve their work places and communities.
It is truly an unique and appreciated initiative to improve the Laggard condition of woman in contemporary times.

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