Budget Expectation from Mr Bhavdeep Singh, CEO, Fortis Healthcare Limited

Budget Expectation:

“There is a huge need to strengthen our healthcare sector to address the growing disease burden of the country. While the proactive steps taken by the government in this regard are a good start, the budget should continue to embark on this path. As an instrument of change, the budget can create more avenues for a major play for private public partnerships for wider coverage of quality healthcare in the country. Apart from widening and strengthening primary healthcare platforms, it is imperative that we strengthen our secondary and tertiary care in the country as well. In this space, private healthcare can play a major part and support the effort. By supporting initiatives like tax holidays for new hospitals as well as strengthening the medical insurance sector to make quality healthcare affordable, it has an opportunity to bring in some quality change. The out of pocket expenses handled by people should be reduced by way of wider medical insurance coverage so that the quality healthcare is affordable and accessible to all.


In addition to the above, the dearth of doctors is a crucial area where we need some serious steps. By developing talent, we will not only improve the existing doctor/patient ratio, but we shall also make a positive impact in patient care and experience. Due to the rising demand for quality healthcare, the doctors have been under tremendous pressure. Talent development should be our tonic to arrest this fatigue in tandem with a viable environment for more investment in healthcare. A forward-looking policy that provides a pragmatic framework for private healthcare to set up medical and nursing schools will be a welcome move to make India stronger in the sector. With adequate and sustained support from the government, the industry is ready to take up this challenge to invest resources to develop infrastructure as well as talent.”

Mr Bhavdeep Singh,


Fortis Healthcare Limited 

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