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Builders Association of India announces to take up issues affecting Construction Industry

The newly appointed president of  Builders Association of India, Sachin Chandra,  has announced to take up a few burning issues affecting Construction Industry to the Union Government seeking relief to its members. The issues will include appointment of Cement Regulatory Authority, improvement in the output of the construction workers and Unified Standard Contract Document for the hassle free execution of contracts among others.

Sachin Chandra, who has been appointed as the President of Builders Association of India (BAI) for one year term ending on March 31, 2020 on his assuming the charge recently said that his priority would be to address the burning issues of the construction industry. In his vision statement, Chandra said that the Union Government would be requested to immediately appoint a Cement Regulatory Authority to rein in the unabated increases of cement price, without the same being warranted by the market forces. Such abnormal Cement prices cause huge losses to the real estate developers as also to the government and private contractors.  The MRTP Commission, Competition Commission of India (CCI) and National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) have repeatedly found clear cut evidence against cement manufacturers indulging in cartel type of arrangements to create artificial shortage of cement to jack-up prices with the purpose of ‘profiteering’. The new President feels that the appointment of a regulator will help in curbing such malpractices.

The BAI President also felt that the output of a construction labor in India is abysmally low compared to other countries and even the quality of the work done by the construction labor has to be improved.  “Though BAI has taken steps in this direction for last few years, the efforts need to be urgently taken to the next level.  I intend to take up the matter to the Government, so that BAI can partner with it and bring more trained workforce,” he said.

The age old Contract Act enacted in 1882 creates a lot of litigations at various Courts of Law. Chandra has intended to take up to the Government to bring out a ‘Unified Standard Contract Document’ to be adopted by all Works Authorities to facilitate smoother and hassle free execution of contracts. “These reforms will help the industry in witnessing lot of transparency and natural growth it deserves,” he said.

Born in 1969 in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, Sachin Chandra is an Indian Real Estate, Hotelier and Skill India Entrepreneur and he launched his company M/s Swadha Developers Pvt. Ltd in May 2002 and M/s Plutus Infrastructure Ltd.  He has developed more than 10 lakh sft. of residential accommodation and almost equal area of commercial spaces in different cities of Bihar. Presently his company is developing an IT Park in Noida on a 10.5 acre of land which has more than 15 lakh sft. built-up area.

BAI is the ápex body of Construction Industry and it has more than 1,00,000 members with 180 branches / chapters spread over the length and breadth of the country.  The fundamental aim of the Association is to bring about all round improvements in the construction sector, while striving towards resolution of operational as well as policy level problems faced by the construction industry.

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