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What the story is about:

Buro Sadhu is a film which speaks about a man’s journey from boyhood to manhood – his disturbed family life, his relationships and his passion for films as a medium of story telling. Abir is your next door boy who leads an ordinary life. But the circumstances that he finds himself in are not so ordinary. Through the dark patches of life, when he finally achieves everything or thinks that he has achieved, a single encounter turns his world upside down, where his very existence is questioned.
Buro Sadhu is a complete story which touches several aspects of our daily lives. It has love. It has drama. It has a lot of emotions. Most of all it has a secret that will jolt the audience out of their comfort zone. Aesthetically the film is shot in a different way and have tried to explore the beauty of Ganges, its old ghaats  and the upcountry part around greater Kolkata (“Moffoshol” around the river).The entire team has tried to give a fresh cinematic experience to the audience.

Behind the scenes

This film is all about passion and the people behind the film proves the point. The director, Souvik Guha, a debutante has left a thriving marketing professional’s career three years back and since then he has been nourishing the seed of a film which has now taken the shape of Buro Sadhu. Sheer passion.
The DOP is Sanjeev Ghosh who worked as a still photographer in Rituporno Ghosh’s movies. He is also debuting in this film as a full time DOP and is very confident about how the movie has turned up.
The music director Pranjal Das has left his profession of being a holiday consultant, and has decided to follow music which is his passion. He has written a few songs in some leading Bengali movies, but in Buro Sadhu he has not only written and composed the songs, he has lent his voice in one of the songs too.
Rupam Islam, Anupam Roy, Timir Biswas, Lagnajita have sung for this film. With them is Bumpai Chakraborty. He is an auto rickshaw driver by profession and a musician by passion. He is the proud co singer of Rupam Islam in one of the songs.


Ritwik Chakraborty, who is currently matchless in portraying the urban intelligent young man, plays the character of Abir. Isha who had debuted in Projapoti Biskut last year, is playing Sweta, Abir’s love interest. Mishmi Das, an uprising goin talent is playing another important character as Abir’s first girlfriend. In supporting characters are Dolon Roy, Debesh Chattopadhyay, Barun Chakraborty, Amit Saha.
The veteran Chiranjit is playing a short but significant role in the movie.

Director’s Cut

This is a simple story, told in a very dramatic way. A small town boy, his family, his first love which obviously breaks as all first loves do.. But under a very dramatic circumstance. Does he recover from that? How? This is one part of his life. In another, he chases his lifelong dream to become a director. And then something happens which makes his world fall apart. His very existence is questioned.
It is a well told story. And most interestingly it touches a lot of aspects of our daily life. Like the world of television. Serials are the axis around which a lot of our lives revolve. And we have some perennial questions like why do they cry that much? Are the characters that decked up in their real lives? So we have given a window in this film through which the audience will have a glimpse at this very glamorous industry.
There is some ‘serious’ fun(dark humor) too. The kind of fun that lies in various situations in our day to day life. Everyday matters when told from a humorous perspective, becomes familiar and funny. And among all that fun lies the biggest tragedy at times.. Our story is a portrayal of that tragic fun. We can describe this as a film for everybody, told in an  artistic way keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of the progressive Bengali audience. The treatment of the film is done in such a way, to create  a fresh look and feel in terms of locations, cast, crew, art, and such other aspects. There is an overall attempt made, to bring a fresh and different perspective of Bengali cinema.

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