Cake Mixing Ceremony Afraa Deli

Afraa Deli offers an all-day spread with sumptuous breakfast and tea party menus. The beverage section has a variety of lattes, shakes and teas. Afraa Deli heralds a new culture of gastronomical gossip in the world of small bite architecture, a trend yet to be sampled by the coffee crazy Kolkatans!

The spread includes freshly-baked breads, cookies, brownies, imported cheese spreads, customized cakes, salads, pasta and anti-pasti selections modeled on a gourmet food store concept.

Concept Note on Cake Mixing Ceremony :

Christmas is celebrated to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. The ceremony marks the arrival of Harvest Ceremony, lots of fruits and nuts were harvested and used in the making of the traditional plum cake. It is a ritual religiously followed everywhere, and is said to be a beginning of good things and happiness.

The stirring ceremony is part of an age-old Christmas tradition of cake mixing and one making wishes for the New Year. The ingredients of the festive fruit cake are mixed with wine and liquor in advance so that the ingredients can develop aroma and taste.


Afterwards, generous quantities of liquor, fresh juices, honey are generously added to soak all the mixtures. Freshly ground spices are also added and tossed till the fruits and nuts are well coated.


Broken Cashew nuts

Candied Orange Peels – Coloured

Dry Cherry


Black Currant

Tutty Fruity



Orange Juice

Apple Juice




Red Wine

White Wine



Small Cardamom


Star Anise


Candied Fruits – Petha

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