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Campus Students Communities announces high quality services for students

Campus Students Communities (CSC) — an accommodation facilitator announces to offer end-to-end solutions for students looking for first-class stay options for a home away from home in different parts of the country. Student housing services are on the rise as 5000 students from India, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal, and a few African nations have been seeking homely lodging solutions while they pursue their educational degrees. Keeping in mind the increasing demand for high-quality housing needs, Campus Students Communities aims to create a better home away from home for students. The company currently manages 29 student housing complexes in Navi Mumbai and Bengaluru. The company also shared that various building complexes for students are underway in cities like Dehradun, Delhi, and other parts of the country which are said to be the top student hubs in the country. The organization also organizes various workshops for students on topics such as adulthood covering the ill effects of smoking, drug abuse, alcohol, and other issues. To provide a seamless experience, CSC has appointed a dedicated student head and corporate communications representative who takes care of any grievance redressal.

CSC works with a vision of providing a holistic living experience to students where they can thrive academically as well as socially. For the same, they either create new development or upgrade an existing property to an environment that includes medical care, transportation, fully furnished rooms, kitchenette, laundry services, and extracurricular activities such as food walks, cycle tours, eco tours, dance classes, kickboxing classes, workshops, entrepreneurship meets and volunteering. They also manage off-campus or on-campus housing facilities by partnering with the university directly.

The company approaches three sets of clients — college partners, parents or guardians, and students. They are regularly in touch with renowned universities for garnering prospective leads of students who are looking for accommodation for long-term stay. “We have built communication around all these customers. Besides, we have amazing functional heads on board to take care of all the students’ requirements. We have proprietary software to manage and monitor complaints, attendance and the social community around our customers,” he explains.

Saket Jalan, Founder, CSC, stated, “The facilities at CSC are designed to make living alone not just easy and comfortable, but also vibrant and enjoyable. The environment is conducive to healthy living, personal growth, academic achievement, and professional success.” Speaking further on providing an ideal student accommodation facility, Jalan commented, “Students pursuing their undergraduate and postgraduate programme prefer CSC because they get these premium facilities at affordable pricing, and also for the three parameters it operates by: peace of mind, affordability, and good food good mood.”CSC was founded by Saket Jalan with the help of his brother. The duo recognized the lack of good student housing options in India when compared to countries like UK and USA. Saket has been working with managing student housing for many reputed institutions in Bengaluru for close to 15 years. But only very recently did he realize the true importance of well organized ‘student housing’ which is also a very profitable and sustainable business model. That’s when in early 2017 they realized the potential of this fast-growing segment and even travelled to U.S.A to evaluate and understand the model which would be ideal for the Indian ecosystem. 

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