Care for bones in pre-teens to enjoy pain-free 50’s

Remember your mother and grandmother swearing by the benefit of having milk in the morning to get strong bones? Orthopedic consultant in Fortis Hospital, Dr. Ronen Roy shows his concern on the swaying walk of young women in the markets in recent times. “Deteriorating bone health at an early age can be attributed to the poor diet pattern of the children in school days. Inadequate intake of milk and milk products at a young age and lack of iron fortifying foods is one of the major causes of poor bone health of Indians at a later age. “

With changing times, Indians are adopting a Western lifestyle and doing away with age-old practices like sitting on the floor and using Indian toilets. The younger generation, today, prefers taking vehicles even to commute short distances. At the same time, stairs are always a fall-back option for lifts or escalators. Shunning these small but regular forms of exercise is taking away the habit of the bones and joints to take pressure and be in motion.

Moreover, children, today, hardly have the opportunity for outdoor sports owing to a variety of reasons ranging from pressure of studies to lack of open space. This has severely brought down the amount of exposure to sunlight, hence contributing to Vitamin D deficiency from an early age. By the time this deficiency is diagnosed, the bone health is already adversely affected.

Consumption of fast food or foods rich in preservatives from an early age is another contributory factor to poor bone health. These carcinogenic foods are one of the major causes for early deterioration of bones. Children are hardly consuming fresh fruits and vegetables which is keeping them away from the nutrition necessary for maintaining proper health.

As Dr. Roy points out, “It is the need of the hour to make the younger generation aware of the importance of consuming sufficient fresh fruits and vegetables and getting adequate physical activity from an early age is imperative so that the quality of the bones can be preserved. Regular health checkups are also important to detect any probable deficiencies at an early stage instead of waiting for the major symptoms to set in.”

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