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20 Proven Health Benefits of Aam ka Panna

Prevent Constipation  Aam Panna contains a lot of fibers which helps ease digestion. Also, this beverage contains various bio-active components such as ester, aldehyde, etc which will improve the digestion system in the body. This beverage also contains Vitamin B that will help you to gain a healthy body and

Onion Juice Benefits

1. Improves Digestion: Onions are a good supply of Inulin – a dietary fiber that is a good food source for the healthy bacteria present in the intestines. Inulin promotes a healthy bowel movement and keeps the healthy bacteria at a safe level, which thereby increases digestion. 2. Protect Against Allergies: The natural

How to make the perfect vegetable biryani

Webdesk:- Hyderabadi vegetable biryani is a vegetable-rich, aromatic dish that isn't difficult to put together. The vegetables are cooked until perfectly done, they layered with rice and heated over a low flame to let the flavors meld. The result is a delicious, healthful Indian dish. Ingredients Rice Vegetables Onions Tomatoes Carrots Potatoes

How to Cook Pasta

FOLLOW THESE STEPS Boil water in a large potTo make sure pasta doesn’t stick together, use at least 4 quarts of water for every pound of noodles. Salt the water with at least a tablespoon—more is fineThe salty water adds flavor to the pasta. Add pastaPour pasta into boiling water.

Chicken Curry Inspiration!

By Payel Das:- Chicken curry is a must, once a week in my home. And it is not just me, in India, a dish of chicken curry and rice is ubiquitous and bound to appear on the menu regularly. More often than not, as a Sunday special, families will gather

Largest Thai Food Festival of Eastern India

By Buddhadeb Mandal & Clicked By Souptik Naskar:- IIHM organizes "TU RIAN" - the largest Thai Food Festival of Eastern India Experience authentic gastronomical Thai delights proparod by the students of IIHM Kolkata, 14. January 2017. Thai food isn't about simplicity It is about the Juggling of rhaparale elements to

VINTAGE ASIA Signature Asian dining

VINTAGE ASIA Signature Asian dining

Kolkata, 10 January, 2017: Vintage Asia is the Asian fine-dining restaurant at the JW Marriott Kolkata. Vintage Asia mixes contemporary Asian cuisine with modern cooking techniques, and all within one of the most unique dining settings in JW Marriott Kolkata. A combination of gracious service, inventive food, stylish décor and

“Goodness Ki Shuruaat” ~ Tata Sampan launched its new spice range in Kolkata ~

Tata Sampan launched its new spice range in Kolkata

Kolkata, December 2016: Tata Sampann, a part of Tata Chemicals' consumer products wing, on Monday, 26th December, 2015 launched its spice range “Goodness Ki Shuruaat” in Kolkata. Tata Sampann has launched this new communication campaign named 'Goodness Ki Shuruaat' to communicate the focus and benefits of its offerings. Tata Sampann believes