Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

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মানুষের সাথে, মানুষের পাশে


Around 100 street children, rescued and sheltered by non-profit The Hope Kolkata Foundation, benefitted from donation of clothes by Big Bazaar, the flagship brand of Future Group today. The garments were distributed through the Group’s SKC Foundation, which was established with the purpose of empowering communities and all stakeholders of Future Group of Companies in its ecosystem.

With this event, SKC Foundation, with a vision of “striving to grow responsibly and achieve our dual goal of a happy environment and society”, has now clothed over 700 children from The Hope Foundation, while another 5,000 children benefitted from the Kosh Oats campaign conducted in November 2018.

Future Group aims to fund not-for-profit organizations that align with SKC Foundation’s vision and passion, help address inequalities of the communities whose aspirations are limited to physiological and safety requirements.

The Hope Kolkata Foundation (HKF), established in February 1999 by Maureen Forest for the protection and development of children on the street and in difficult circumstances, works to free street children and poor families from lives of pain, abuse and poverty. It funds and supports projects in health, nutrition, child protection and education.

SKC Foundation aims towards growth of India’s economically disadvantaged to transform the current strugglers to future service class. It believes that communities grow strong and resilient when they have access to basic goods and services, and are provided the necessary tools to overcome inequalities.

Future Group employs young Indians in rural and urban areas, engages with its consumers, works closely with factories, suppliers and distribution systems across the country and interacts with various stakeholders who are closely linked to its business.

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