COMED K and Uni-GAUGE Exam platform grows over the years! Entrance Examination – 2018

It started as a simple concept of unifying Pvt Engineering into a single exam 3 years ago. With 150 plus institutions and 25 Universities accepting scores and upward of 125000 students giving an online exam, ComedK-Unigauge in 2018 has become the second largest multi-university private engineering exam in India. With a reach of 140 cities and 400 test centres it has grown in strength over the 3 years.
The vision for 2020 is to be the single credible, neutral,  common entrance test exam for at least 100 Private Universities and 300 colleges  in India, offering at least  50,000 engineering  seat, thereby minimising the number of tests for students” says P.Muralidhar  CEO,  ERA Foundation. 


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