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Truck used to stole forest products arrested by Police

By Priyanka:- Today afternoon on the preliminary report a raid held at Pradhannagar, Assam. One Dipen Roy son of Avi Roy has been arrested. They are inhabitants of Shantipur which is under Bharalumukh Police Station. Police of Prahan Nagar had recovered one Eicher truck no WB 73/6202.
On the basis of secondary report its was found to be seized and its actual registration number is.
AN 73/6202. Its was arrested by Sarugura Range officers. Truck driver continuously lying and trying to deviate the main matter in front of them. The truck was used to transport stolen forest goods mischievously. The number chassis of the vehicle was tempered. The raid was held by a team officer of SS North office and Sub Inspector Tushar Sardar Of Darjeeling DD. Involvement of a hijacking gang may come out after the inspections. Legal and necessary actions have been taken.

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