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Dabur Odomos launches #MakingIndiaDengueFree Campaign in Kolkata

Moving forward on its mission to make India Dengue Free, Odomos — India’s most preferred personal application mosquito repellant brand from the House of Dabur — today announced the launch of its mega initiative, #MakingIndiaDengueFree. Under this initiative, Odomos will be reaching out to over 10lakh people across the country, educating them about prevention from mosquito bites and distributing free samples of Odomos mosquito repellant creams to protect themselves from dengue-causing mosquitoes this Monsoon.

The campaign would also cover students and teachers in schools across the country. Flagging off the initiative in Kolkata today, Dabur conducted an awareness session amongst more than 200 kids from Hira Lal Primary Government School in the city to educate the students, teachers as well as parents about effective prevention from Dengue causing mosquitoes.The special awareness session was conducted by a leading medical practitioner in the city Dr Dhrubajyoti Halder.

As a brand, Odomos has been working towards keeping people stay safe from Dengue and other deadly mosquito-borne diseases. Moving ahead on this mission, we have taken up this social initiative to help build public awareness and protect them from falling prey to mosquito bites. There has been a significant increase in the number of Dengue cases in recent years. One important factor is lack of awareness about the fact that dengue is caused by aedisagepti, which is a day-biting mosquito. Officer-goers and students are prone to falling prey to this mosquito when they are outdoors, commuting between work and home or in schools and playgrounds. The need of the hour is to spread awareness around preventive measures and help them safeguard themselves from Dengue causing mosquitoes,”Dabur India Ltd Category Head-Home Care Mr. Vineet Jainsaid.

Addressing the awareness camp, Dr Dhrubajyoti Halder said, “Prevention is the key to avoid diseases like Dengue.With the mosquito season approaching, it was important to increase awareness about the necessity of outdoor protection for kids as well as for office goers.Making India Dengue free campaign is an initiative in the same direction and I am glad to be associated with this cause.”

Contrary to popular perception, diseases like Dengue and Malaria are spread by daytime mosquitoes. Children are at risk of being bitten by these mosquitoes, not just while playing in the open but also inside the closed confines of their rooms. Even people in offices are at risk of falling sick after being bitten by these mosquitoes. Odomos is the only personal application product that offers users complete protection from daytime mosquitoes that spread such life-threatening diseases. Dabur Odomos has also been certified to be safe for use on infants and children in a test conducted by leading pediatricians. Dabur Odomos’ personal applications range includes easy to use and skin friendly mosquito cream, mosquito lotion, Odomos gel, mosquito spray and a fabric roll-on,Mr. Jain Added.

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