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মানুষের সাথে , মানুষের পাশে

Dr. Sibnath Gayen MBBS (Cal.), MD, (Paed, Cal), Child Specialist, Associate Professor, at R.G. kar Medical College & Hospital has explained some ways to protect children from corona disease.

Corona virus disease has started since winter. At that time all the school exams of the children were almost over. So they went for a kind of home isolation. So their risk of infection was reduced.

A virus must be attached to a receptor to enter the cells of the human body, whose name is ACE2 receptor. It has been found that corona viruses do not look good because they have very few such receptors on the cells of children, so the subsequent processes of virus infection can no longer be accelerated.
It seems that children’s suffer from virus infection throughout the year, which is also a reason to prevent the infection of children.
If a child comes in contact with an infected person within 1 meter for more than 15 minutes, he should be placed on the list of suspects. If the child is under 18 years of age and learns to understand, he can be kept separate at home. Total protection for 14 days and contact with health workers.
During the infection the taste in the mouth is lost. It is better not to give any new food. Fish, meat and vegetables can be given with daily meals. Orange or Mosambi lemon juice can be given. However, there is no need to give vitamins separately at that time.
Even though the school is closed at this time, most of the schools for boys and girls have started online. Due to the lockdown, many parents are able to give time to their children at home. Maintaining physical distance, washing hands, using sanitizer should also be used in all schools after the lockdown.

Mother can stay with an infected child with all kinds of protection but in that case there is some little risk so you need to keep in touch with health workers on a regular basis.