Drama Queen

Event: Centre Stage Creations present ‘Drama Queen’

Type of Event – English Play

 Date: 16th September 2017 (Saturday)

 Time: 6.30 pm

Written &  Performed  by:-  Suchitra Krishnamoorthi

Directed by Inaayat Ali Sami

Produced by AGP Production

Venue: GD Birla Sabhagar (29, Ashutosh Chodhary Avenue, Near Ballygung Post office, Ballygunge, South, Kolkata)

For booking click now at http://bit.ly/2vvanjW or Call 9830015510


About Drama Queen:

A successful debut Bollywood film with mega star Shah Rukh Khan, marriage with an internationally renowned film maker Shekhar Kapur, a pop album with music by Andrew Lloyd Weber….Walking the red carpet at the Oscars…What more could any young girl with stars in her eyes aspire to?

In her candid, wacky, madcap biography, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi takes us on a hormone driven period of her life 5 years post marriage and divorce, fame and everything that a girl from a ‘decent’ Indian family would want. This is no longer the world of propriety that any culture would prescribe for a woman.


A single mother, stuck in the quagmire of  her strict middle class moral upbringing, Suchitra hurtles, chugs and summersaults on a rollercoaster journey in a desperate bid to find security and true love. In the process rediscovering her relationship with her mother, her past and most importantly herself. Emerging with a new voice long suppressed and lost under the perplexing burdens of conforming to being ‘I’m a good girl -I am’


About the artist:

Suchitra started her career with the TV series Chunauti while still in school in the year 1987–88. She acted in a production of Peanuts: The Musical, a musical based on the famous comic strip Peanuts. She played the character Lucy.

She was a successful model in the early nineties, endorsing products such as Palmolive soap, Clearasil, Sunrise Coffee, Limca and Colgate toothpaste. In 1994, she made her breakthrough in films with KabhiHaanKabhiNaa, a commercial and critically acclaimed hit, opposite Shahrukh Khan. She also starred in Kilukkampetti opposite Malayalam star Jayaram.

She simultaneously pursued a music career in the mid- to late 1990s, releasing the pop albums Dole Dole,[4] Dum Tara, Aha, and Zindagi, whose title track was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, with the rest composed by HimeshReshammiya


  1. Rann (January 2010) as NaliniKashyap
  2. Karma Aur Holi (2009) as Sujata
  3. Aag (2007) as Kavita
  4. My Wife’s Murder (2005) as Sheila
  5. Vishwa (1999) (Kannada film)
  6. Kash-m-kash TV series (1995) as Ashi
  7. VaadeIraade (1994)
  8. Jazbaat (1994) as Varsha
  9. KabhiHaanKabhiNaa (1994) as Anna
  10. Kilukkampetti (1991) as Anu Pillai (Malayalam film- Jayaram)

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