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Drawing Competition to recognize talent of underprivileged kids An initiative to support the kids to celebrate Christmas

GSB Research & Consulting, ALVA in association with Virtual Communication organized a unique drawing competition for the girls from the NGO Hope Foundation on to celebrate Christmas in Kolkata. It was an initiative to recognize the talent of around 50 underprivileged girl-kids from the NGO who participated in the Drawing Competition for the Trophy. The event also witnessed a campaign launch to create awareness about the importance of educations and supporting the needy throughout the year.
The initiative aimed at creating awareness and acknowledging the talent of the underprivileged girls. The aim was to respect and felicitate them instead of just helping. The Competition Format was not only to bring smile on their faces but also acted as a platform and motivation for their work. The Prize Distribution and handing over the Trophies was followed by a Giant Cake Cutting Ceremony and Gifting to celebrate Christmas.
Kids Apparel Brand Alva is a Start Up in Kolkata initiated by GSB Research & Consulting. The products are currently available online at,, and Currently the products are exclusively for girls. Kolkata now has a one stop destination for trendy, fashionable yet affordable products for girls.
Mr. Gourab Sarkar – Founder & CEO of GSB Research & Consulting and Co-Founder, Alva said, “I am very proud to be associated with this event. We are fortunate that we are celebrating Christmas with these talented girls. We are looking forward to organize more such events in future and create awareness about talent and education for all.”
Speaking about the initiative Mr Manit Singh, Founder, Virtual Communication said, “We believe that social responsibility should not be limited to just words. Organizations like us should come forward to support the needy in every possible way. We should also take initiatives to create awareness about the importance of education and support the underprivileged students to achieve their dreams.”