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Esperer BioResearch launches health supplements to eradicate Nutritional Deficiency in Cancer Patients

By Mahiyan Chakrabarti:- Mr. Raktim Chattopadhyay, Founder & CEO of Esperer BioResearch, recently launched 2 health supplements,  Es- Fortitude (nourish, protect & recovery) & Es- Invigour (base formula) in Kolkata, backed by a strong research on the nutritional deficiencies in cancer patients in India. The supplements aim to bring optimal efficacy of the main therapy in cancer disease management to ensure better quality of life of patients across the globe.

Manufactured at US-FDA approved nutraceutical plant at Bengaluru; the company has been researching and providing onco-nutrition therapy to cancer patients. Two in every five men in Bengal have been diagnosed with oral cancer while over one in four women are suffering from cervical cancer. Almost 26% or 1 in 4 people diagnosed with cancer was below the age of 44. The majority of those who were diagnosed – 41% were between 56-60 years of age. To add on it, it is assumed that 50% of India’s total cancer patients are in West Bengal .The top cancers among men vary by area and include lung, Prostate and Mouth cancer.For women, breast cancer is consistently the highest incidence rate; Cervix Uteri and ovarian cancer are second and third, respectively.

The most relevant syndrome that increases as cancer progresses is cachexia that compromises the life of the patient and irremediably causes weakness and death. Hypermetabolism is correlated with clinical and biological markers of cancer cachexia and is associated with a shorter survival in metastatic cancer patients. So there is a need for preparing the body for the treatment, during the treatment and during recovery stage. All 3 phases are different and require nutritional care on the  basis of  the cell biology of the body.

Dr. Chanchal Goswami, MBBS, DMRT, MD, Medical Supers Specialty Hospital/ AMRI Hospitalsaid that the importance of nutrition has long been accepted for conditions such as cancer.Current market products are flooded by imported or foreign formula of proteins that work well with Caucasian guts.  There is a gap in addressing Indian guts , a scientific product is needed that helps in preventing patient in getting into cachexia without overloading the GI system. Esperer has been incubated as a cancer therapy adjuvant nutrition company that is working on developing a scientific formula that works well for Indian guts in preventing cachexia and reducing chemo load. Thus, Esperer BioResearchis working towards standardizing  nutrition therapy guideline for cancer patients.

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