Essential tips to get glowing skin in summer


Everyone envisions a smooth, firm and glowing skin with a hint of tan this summer, but the reality makes it difficult to get a perfect sun-kissed look. For those people who are in extreme need for a perfect skin routine , this is the article to read and unveil the SECRETS to enhance your charm.


  • MOISTURISE: Your skin loses a lot of moisture during summer. This is the time where you need to use a moisturizer which suits your skin type.
  • CLEANSE AND EXFOLIATE: You should consider cleansing your face twice a day and a scrub is must which should be used thrice a week to get rid of dead skin cells.
  • DO NOT FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN: Sunscreen with SPF 30 and SPF 50 are must as summers can be very brutal.
  • GO EASY ON MAKEUP: you should not be harsh towards your skin and therefore choosing minimal makeup is the best option.
  • TONE YOUR SKIN: Toners are must-have for this summer months as they hydrate your skin a lot.
  • SLEEP: You should not cut down your resting period as sleep is must to make your skin healthy .
        Help your skin by applying these   very simple and basic steps and enjoy your rest of the summer months happily from inside and out.

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