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Dell EMC Launches Historic New Integrated Partner Program

Simple, Predictable and Profitable ProgramEnablesExtraordinary Opportunities for

Growth and ProfitabilityAcross the Ecosystem



  • Unified Dell EMC Partner Program goes live today
  • Developed in tandem with partners to address their biggest requests: Simple, Predictable and Profitable
  • Preserves best of legacy Dell and EMC programs to reward partners who sell the full portfolio, including services, grow their business and win net new customers
  • Program tiers and new special Titanium status architected to provide opportunity and enable profitability
  • One deal registration program and a Zero Tolerance policy for deal conflicts


By Suhrid Ghosh, India : Dell EMC today announced the the official launch of the integrated Dell EMC Partner Program, built from the ground up while preserving the best of two world-class legacy programs. The program establishes one extraordinary new program that addresses the needs of partners today and into the future.Developed in collaboration with partners globally, the program’s primary tenets are to be simple, predictable and profitable.


“Channel partners, system integrators and distributors play a critical role in empowering Dell EMC’s customers on their path towards Digital Transformation. Built on three core tenets – to be Simple, Predictable and Profitable – the new Dell EMC Partner Program will ensure all partners are adequately equipped to stay relevant in a fast changing market place and achieve profitability, growth and success. We believe the new partner program will further catalyse our go-to-market strategy and growth of the business as we seek to become the industry’s most trusted advisor to our customers.” –  Anil Sethi, Vice President, Channels, Dell EMC India.


Cloud Partner Connect Initiative

Dell EMC’s Cloud Partner Connect initiative facilitates building resale relationships between Solution Provider and Cloud Service Providers. It allows Solution Providers to expand their offerings to include leading cloud services for their customers, with minimal investment and powered by Dell EMC.


OEM Partner Commitment

Every OEM customer is unique with different go-to-market requirements. The OEM Partner track was created to better serve the needs of Dell EMC OEMs and their customers. Dell EMC OEM partners are hand selected based on their resources and capabilities and are dedicated to helping OEM customers bring products to market efficiently.  These partners complement Dell EMC’s offerings by providing value-added services such as custom hardware and software integration, final assembly and test, financing options, inventory management, consolidation and shipping, custom support engagements and supply-chain solutions.


Dell EMC Working Capital Solutions

In partnership with leading financial institutions, Dell EMC offers extended payment terms and increased credit capacity to enable our partners to grow their business faster.

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