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From the floor of Sesh Bela

From the floor of Sesh Bela

By Payel Das & Clicked by Rajib Mukherjee :- The story opens in a very quiet, calm, serene afternoon with a middle aged, home making women, on the balcony. No sooner did she look through the grills of the verandah then an elderly woman, Panchali, standing old, called out from the streets. The women’s well-dressed look, her glasses —overall, her outward a nearly sixty years appearance gave Panchali an impression that she was from a dignified family. Allowing her in through the double doors of the house she asked the mi -omen where she was heeding to. Without answering Panchali’s question the women asked her

Name of the place though surprised at the question. Panchali said that it was Kalyani. The elderly women said that the bus conductor had dropped her four stops ahead of it and she had been walking from there trying to find her way out.Unfortunately, she couldn’t remember either her destination or her residence. the only thing she remembered was that her name was Annupama Bannerjee. the husband of an advocate. Before Marriage she used to live in Srirampur. She had two sons one of which was an established doctor living in America and one daughter. She said the she could recollect childhood memories but nothing of the present.As though reading Panchali’s thoughts the women asked her to contact her husband. Panchali had brief conversation with her husband who asked her not to take the matter casually and inform the police immediately, which she instantaneously, strongly declined.

During the course of the day the women voluntarily helped Panchall in her household chores, starting from preparing tea to watching tv, to teaching Panchali new recipes. While talking to Annupama Panchali of floated back to her new married days, collage days, University days, fathers houses spending time very joyful .. Panchali and Annupama devi cooked dinner. Later that evening when Sounak come home he gave Panchali a good scolding for letting Annupama stay in their house and informed her that he has had a word with the Police who
Promised to contact him if necessary. Then Sounak called doctor his father’s friend doctor kaka, though was a general PhYsician. He told Sounak that those were symptoms of Amnesia but there was still no surety that it wasn’t plan
The next morning when Saunak and Panchali woke up, they found that Anupama devi alredy awake and plucking fter a breakfast Saunak dropped Anupama devi at her house by own car. flowers from the gerdain. After bed tea, she informed payel that she could recollect everything..A Saunak return home. Panchali wanted to know everything about Anupama’s house. He enlightened her saying how Anupama’s family members broke down in happiness seeing her after spending the night out of the house. Panchali’s happiness was evident in her face while on the other hand Sounak knew that those were mere stories that he was making up when the truth was something else. In reality, the place where Anupama lived was an old, worn out, deathly pale building which had the sign ‘Banprastha’ on it. It was an old age home where every lonely senior citizen abandoned by his family awaited not for their near and dear ones, not for their senior family member whc got lost, but for something bigger, something more peaceful.

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