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Holi for those who have no light

By Sushmita Sah:-Holi a festival of colours. It seems to be colourful and joyful to everyone but not for the blinds as the only colour familiar to them is ‘BLACK’. So,on a special occasion of Holi the NGO “Dreams For Life” tried to give the blinds the maximum happiness they could. They say ‘Dreams we dream together is a reality’ .
This event was specially organised for the blinds, who may not see the colours but can feel it. The event started with a’Basanta Song’ sung by a group of singers. A tribute was offered to the great folk singer Kalika Prasad. The programe continued with poem recitations and dance performances. A group of 12 blind singers performed a melodious song which took the event to another level.
Soon abir filled the air with colour and fragrance.

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