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Long Way To Go: English Solo Album release of Pavlu Banerjee

By Priyanka Guha & Clicked By Rajib Mukherjee:– Pavlu Banerjee started his musical career in 1996, reality took him on another journey and he got back to music composing by initiating opportunities for young talents through a  Bengali Band Kolkata Music Diary -The band was inspired by Mohiner Ghoraguli and since then it  has featured many young singer songwriters from Kolkata.

The 1st album of Kolkata Music Diary was released in Jan 2015..

He soon released his first Bengali solo rock album “Spondon Khoron”consisting of 9 original Bengali songs dealing with social issues like female foeticide (song name:Bhrunhottya),legalization of sex trade to stop human trafficking (song name : sonagachi),Rape(song name : Nirbhaya “written in the memory of  the girl who was gang raped and murdered in Delhi Bus Rape case).

Since then he has been dedicating his music to keep the passion of music and bring about a positive change.

His first Solo English Music Album “Long Way To Go” is also one such step towards the creative movement.

The songs like I’m on a high: talks about street children and about the inhumane treatment they get from society while “Long way to go”: it deals with the journey of life in general, about the obstacles we face and it says that the more simpler your life is more happier you are.. Karma Karma: deals the inhuman face of modern society & intolerance regarding religious issues for which many people are getting killed and many such songs are a part of the thought changing creative.

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