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“Rudragni Dance Fest 2017”

By Payel Das:- The Rudragni dance Fest 2017 was organized by Rudragni Creative and dance Academy at Mohit Moitra Mancha on 31st March. The event was inaugurated by Film Director Manoj Michigan who appreciated the production.


The members of Rudragni performed on “Samannyo Khyoti” by Kavi Guru Rabindranath Tagore. The dance drama has been choreographed and directed by dancer Udita Roy Paul Chowdhury, script by Debasish Goswami, music directed by Suman Sarkar, light designed by Uttiya Jana


The initiative has been supported by Ministry of Culture under C.F.P.G.S (cultural function and production grant scheme). The Scheme covers all ‘not-for-profit’ organizations, NGOs, Societies, Trusts, Universities and individual for supporting the Seminars, Conference, Research, Workshops, Festivals, Exhibitions, Symposia, Production of Dance, Drama-Theatre, Music etc. and small research projects on different aspects of Indian Culture.


The junior members of rudragni performed on Tasher Desh.



About Rudragni Creative and Dance Academy

Rudragni was established in 2010. Since then they have been organising productions like, Ichhe dana, Amritasya Putra, Kranti and many more. The productions have been taking place under the able guidance of Dancer Udita Roy Paul chowdhury, who is the secretary of the organization. The organization is being lead by few young and enthusiasts’ people. They aim towards organizing many such productions in the future.

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