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STARTUP INDIA is one of the finest initiative of our beloved Prime

Minister Shri Narendra Modi. We are one of the innovative startup who has the courage to change the Life of 7.4 billion People worldwide in the area of social media networking. We can bring the change what other top Giants (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.) can’t.


The net worth of 10 years old Facebook CEO is more than that of Mukesh Ambani, hence proved that apart from agriculture & industries, our IT sector, social media websites and Internet as a whole has even bigger power and can contribute more to Indian economy* (*It is a 1 Trillion dollar$ Research) and it’s our ruled out 100% guarantee that it will be delivered as said.

We are looking for Angel Investors and business marriage… 1st with Government of India & Top Indian Industrialists.

Myself, Info scientist, Nawal Kumar Roongta, aged 62 years along with our CEO Mr. Sandeep Kulthia with 47 years of research, want to declare one truth that Life has a fix deadline and I believe that I have born for India and will die for India. But, it is the matter of upliftment of humanity & mankind and it has to be delivered soon. So, therefore, we are trying to keep in touch with PMO office.


1) Myself is Mr. Nawal Kumar Roongta -The only INFOSCIENTIST in the world recognized by Google.  Founder-Chairman of Internet World Bank.  Completed research in social media for last 47 years.

2) Myself is Mr. Sandeep Kulthia -an Enterpreneur as well as CEO of the company having key role in the whole project.

3) Mr. Gautam Soni as a Director

Core Idea and Sole Concept TO CONNECT PEOPLE WITH… (i) ‘The Right Person (s)’ (ii) ‘At Right Time’ …and (iii) ‘At Right Place’ In all other top social media websites there are BIG drawbacks & loophoirs and We

Have the solutions to it which is our trillion dollar$ valued confidential intellectual property.

Our Aim & Ambition 

To connect 7.4 billion People 24×7 worldwide

Vision & Mission

(i) To bring revolution in information & communication world

Key points & Gist of Idea and 47 years research

(i)                  Its ruled out guarantee that INTERNET WORLD BANK is all set to make word’s Top & # Number 1 social Media Network Website.

(ii)                Social media has so far been delivered growth is only 22%. We challenge to cover & deliver further its growth by minimum 50% of 78% still due. –

(iii) INTERNET WORLD BANK is all set to produce a minimum $ 1 Trillion (Apx. INR 65 Trillion) to Government of India

Facebook and Google is banned/restricted in China just to let grow their own social media website. If Government of India support to Internet World Bank then we can make India independent in having its own social media network website at very soonest.

Through this press conference here today, the team of Internet World Bank wants to convey the thundering message to all the top leading Newspapers, News Channels, All Media Resources and Government of India’s supreme & higher authorities as well. Mr. Modi launched startup India and we all know he personally won’t sit and execute the task himself. Ultimately, the task will be executed by Technocrats, Experts & common man like us only.

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