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Trailer ,Music & Calender Launch of ‘Shunyota’

By Suhrid Ghosh:-SHUNYOTA (EMPTINESS) India’s first movie based on Demonetization directed by Suvendu Ghosh (Raj) released trailer and launched its music in Princeton Club, Kolkata. The collection named ‘Shunyota’ comprising of three different stories were penned by the eminent writer Anirban Roychowdhury after the news flash of demonetization by the Government of India on 8th November 2016 when the whole country experienced a fiscal quake. The three works pivot the hindrance faced by the common people in their day to day life, pigmentation of pain and agony and the undercurrent of relations. Today is the much awaited date of release and Anirban starts to reveal.


First story is about Laxmi and her unmarried daughter Basi. Laxmi is a labourer under daily wages system at the Khortardi  Pitb in Raniganj. She sells her land to meet the demand of the family of bridegroom for Basi’s marriage but after the declaration of demonetization the old currencies are returned by the father of that bridegroom and the relation was also declined. The social lives of mother and daughter come in front of a question mark. What will be their fate?


The second story is about a Bengali couple from Sikkim who comes to Kolkata for the treatment of their two and half years old son who is suffering from a serious heart disease named ventricular sepal defect and the hospital authority refuses to accept old currencies in consequence of demonetization. Apurvo, the father of that diseased boy, goes to some Pawan Agarwal from Howrah for collection of money in connection with a friend from Kolkata and Tanaya-his wife waits whole night in the hospital with a hope of something positive. Was the next morning really shiny for the parents or not?


Last story is about the guardian of a family of Kaakdwip, who is very much efficient in repairing of troller and thrifty in life, is the central character of the third phase of this conceptual trilogy. His excessive affinity to save money turns his household into a place of misery, grief and pain. Even minimum conversation with wife and daughter was going to be stopped day by day and his daughter discontinues study due to lack of money.

One day after the announcement of demonetization, this very person becomes mad to distribute his huge amount in different channels but there is no way to spend it. What will be his fate?


All three stories are fictional but somehow very much close to reality and depict the different shades of emptiness.

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