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Twist & Turn Dance Academy

By SUSMITA SIL, KOLKATA:- Twist & Turn, Dance Academy unveiled their 2, 200 sqft latest studio at New Alipore, one of the up most locality of the city in the esteemed presence of Dance Educationist and social worker sent. Alokananda Roy and Actress Pallavi Chatterjee. After receiving huge success from Salt Lake, Dumdum, Ballygunge and Ruby Studio Twist & Turn is set to introduce their fifth studio with the aim of spreading the joy of dance among all age group. Nikita Sangai, the Creative Director, Twist & Turns was present to address the media.

Twist & Turn teaches International dance forms like Jazz, Salsa, HipHop, Zumba fitness etc. They have worked with renowned Bally Dancer Maher Malik for Belly Dance classes. They have also performed at the

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