FIAPO Bootcamp East Zone: East-India’s largest gathering event for the animal protection community

 By Utsab Chakraborty :- The animal protection movement in India is growing in a consistent manner but remains mostly un-organized, marked by a grave need for information, education and skill development in the sector. Keeping this need in mind, Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations is hosting Bootcamp East Zone, Kolkata from 16-18 March.

This is East-India’s premier animal protection event and aims to build a connection between activists and organisations to create a more informed animal protection movement in the country. The 4th edition of the event will witness attendance from over 50 participants and activists from 13 states in East India.

According to Varda Mehrotra, Director of FIAPO,“This event will be the first of its kind in the region. Never before have animal activists in the eastern zone come together under one roof to network and learn from each other. We hope this re-emphasizes to the activists that they are part of a vibrant and passionate community that can do great things for animals. ”

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