Flooded with consumer’s complaints, TRAI conduct home survey for cable feedback

With the migration of cable TV network to a new traffic regime, lots of cable TV consumers are complaining about the cable TV blackout, poor service, over charging for pay channels and rude behaviour of the cable TV operators. The watchdog of this industry, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has begun random consumer’s home surveys in Kolkata. TRAI officials are visiting consumer’s home along with the representatives of Multi-service operator (MSO) to see the situation first hand and resolve consumer’s grievance.
“The spot survey will help us understand the extent to which consumers are facing problems.” an official at TRAI’s Kolkata office said. He pointed out that due to the lack of man power, sample survey would cover only a few homes in the city.
The idea of migration of cable TV to a la carte was to ensure that consumers pay only for those channels that they want to watch. But in practice, it is quite a different scenario. A vast majority of consumers have given a few selected channels along with those channels which they didn’t opt for. A section of subscribers has also alleged the cable operators for over charging them. The subscribers of several residential complex in kasba complained of charging more than 500 rupees for a package of 20 channels. However the cable operator later refunded the excess amount charged following protests from the consumers.

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