Fortis Hospital Anandapur launched their epilepsy clinic

By Purabi Sarkar :-According to WHO India has around 1.2 crore people suffering from epilepsy. While the number contributes to one-fifth of global statistics, the number of people availing proper treatment of epilepsy in India is relatively less. This may be attributed to the lack of awareness about the treatment method available specially in rural areas. As per an independent survey, there has been a huge treatment gap of more than 70% in rural Bengal and Karnataka

On the Occasion of World Epilepsy Day , Fortis Hospital Anandapur launched their epilepsy clinic. The clinic was launched by Dr. Amit Haldar,senior Consultant Neurologist & Epileptologist, Fortis Hospital, and Dr. Sanjay Garg senior consultant psychiatrist Fortis Hospital

Dr Amit Haldar addressed the health concern related to epilepsy, including the quality of life in epilepsy, Dr. Sanjay Garg explained about the points like Non Epileptic Attack Disorder(NERD), psychological co-morbidities of epilepsy and necessity of counseling for patients with epilepsy and their families about the impact of long term medication and future life. Epilepsy is a disorder caused by intermittent hyper synchronous abnormal discharge of neurons of brain

“Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological disorders. The greatest problem they face is lack of proper medical care and awareness among public. It is often considered a psychiatric or mental problem. Delay in diagnosis and erroneous treatment make the disease more resistant and can be fatal in same circumstances. Add to this the social stigma attached with the disease, makes access to treatment even more difficult” said Amit Haldar

” Our epilepsy clinic will be a specialized clinic where issuea realated to quality of life in epilepsy including the co-morbidities associated with it, like psychiatric concern s, will be addressed” said Sanjay Garg

All modern amenities needed for epilepsy evaluated including high resolution MRI and Long term Vedio EEG. The clinic will be open every Wednesday from 12 noon to 3pm.

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