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From Kolkata to Districts every place celebrates Police Commemoration Day

Observed on October 21 every year, the Police Commemoration Day remembers the sacrifices of ten policemen who died in Chinese firing in 1959.

Chinese troops opened fire and threw grenades at a party of 20 police personnel. Ten were killed in the incident, which left seven others injured, who were later taken as prisoners. Three weeks later, China returned the bodies of the ten personnel which were later cremated with full police honours at Hot Springs in North Eastern Ladakh. Police personnel had been responsible for manning the 2,500 mile long border of India with Tibet until the autumn of 1959.

A memorial was erected at Hot Springs and members of Police Forces from different parts of the country trek to Hot Springs to pay homage to the martyrs. Since the year 2012, the Police Commemoration Day Parade is being held at the National level at the Police Memorial, Chanakyapuri.

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